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Testimonials from CHIPenable clients

Geotech Geotech is the market leading manufacturer and supplier for biogas and landfill gas portable analysers.

Geotech G100
Service provided: Software Design
"Andy has had many years of experience as Geotech's field support engineer whilst working for various large electronic distribution companies. Knowing the development engineers here made him the ideal candidate to help out with the firmware development for the new G100 analyser. Very quickly, Andy designed and implemented a number of low level drivers and hardware test routines for the new platform. Specifically, his practical experience with USB devices on previous projects was invaluable given our own lack of knowledge in this area. In addition to getting the USB comms working he was able to design and develop robust drivers for flash programming, LCD screen control, Keypad controllers and others. This helped provide a stable platform ahead of the in-house software team's involvement and freed our hardware engineers to start on new designs. I'd happily recommend him for this type of work and would work with him again." -
Stephen Earp (Project Manager)

thinktank logo Topaz Electronic Systems, trading as thINKtank UK, is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket Chips and Resetters for the printer cartridge remanufacturing market.

A Topaz Chip
Service provided: Software Design
"ChipEnable were tremendously helpful in redesigning one of our ranges of products after the microcontroller they contained went on last-time-buy. The timescales were very tight and the product range absolutely had to be ready and proven before the last shipment of the old processors arrived. The redesigned products were introduced seamlessly without any customers even being aware of the change. We were delighted with ChipEnable's response to this challenge and equally delighted with the outcome" - Dave Gilbert (Director)

Optident logo Optident Ltd lead the way in providing the dental profession with innovative products and services.

IQ Gloss Meter
Services provided: Software, Hardware and PCB Design
"We have worked successfully with Andy on various projects over many years and will continue to do so moving forward. He has interpreted our designs and helped us to develop many products including two generations of novel gloss measurement instruments which required a particularly in depth understanding of the measurement methodology. He has developed both analogue and digital instrumentation and provided user interfaces incorporating sub surface touch controls and high resolution LCD control. He has always been very reliable with delivery dates and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Chip Enable." - James Fowler

c-fury logo Makmarine Ltd. are inventors of the unique C-FuryTM range of craft, designed to deliver fun in a small package, allowing the family to feel truly free on the water.

Services provided: Hardware and PCB Design, Software, Prototype Build
"We approached Chipenable to help us develop a one off prototype electronic throttle system (ETS) for the concept demonstrator of our high-performance family watercraft, the C-Fury Storm - a technically advanced vessel with exceptional dynamics and rough water capability.
Key to the success of the Storm was precise and repeatable operation of the ETS across a wide temperature range and an electrically noisy and aggressive marine environment with lots of shock, vibration and salt water. Above all the system had to be inherently failsafe as the ETS is a safety critical control system.
Given a small budget and short timescales, Andy delivered a bespoke solution that was elegantly engineered, well documented, on time and on budget. After extensive testing the ETS proved a massive success with all testers - we are looking forward to developing our production variants with Andy.
Following the success of the ETS, we recently had a small project needing a prototype controller for a new deck lighting system, which integrates with the Yamaha outboard engine remote immobiliser. With a simple specification, Andy quickly and cost effectively adapted the core module from the ETS design - it worked perfectly straight out of the box.
Given a clear and simple specification with defined budgets, Andy can precisely advise what is and most importantly what is not possible within the scope of the project." - Simon Mcloughlin (Managing Director)

ioLab ioLab Systems manufactures USB input devices for researchers requiring high accuracy response time measurement.

ioLab Main PCB
Services provided: Hardware and PCB Design, Software, Production Build Support, User Documentation
"We have been using Chipenable's professional services since 2005. In this time Andy has completed several projects for us, and I consider him to be a part of our company's operations. Extremely knowledgable in electronic engineering, he is able to design your hardware solution, perform software integration, and carry it all the way through to manufacturing. Highly competent and dependable, Andy helped turn our idea into an innovative product. " - Lincoln Smith (Managing Director)

RL Automotive

RL Automotive are tyre service product providers for the Car, Van, Truck and Aviation markets, with a product range that stretches from valves and balance weights through to sophisticated tyre data measurement and transmission equipment. 

Services provided: Software, USB Device Integration
"Andy has been invaluable in developing software to enable us to get our products to market. He is quick, responsive and has a clear commercial understanding of what is needed in the real world. Once delivered, the code that he writes is always robust and stable" -
Mark Longden (Director)

Key Futures Limited Key Futures provide technical skills to assist SMEs to develop Internet applications and databases, build and maintain websites, and to integrate websites with back-end applications.

Confidential Project
Services provided: Software, Prototype Assembly.
"Andy Gayne’s services have proved invaluable in moving our project to completion. My microprocessor knowledge was too limited to develop the prototype I had in mind. Luckily I found Andy on the Internet and with his in-depth knowledge he was able to complete the missing parts. I found Andy to be prompt, professional, communicative, supportive and reliable and would not hesitate to employ him again or to recommend his services to others." - Mark Dressel (Director)

AE Consultants UK A design partnership delivering design and manufacturing solutions to UK and USA specialist vehicle builders in the commercial and military sectors.

AEC Gauges
Services provided: Software
"After being let down by other software developers, who found the task too difficult, we engaged Andy to develop a suite of software for a new range of instrumentation initially destined for the USA truck market. From our outline specification Andy proposed new ideas and methods that resulted in development of software that performed far beyond our original expectations. The software solved all the technical problems we were aware of at the time and beyond that Andy provided configuration tools giving us the flexibility to adapt our instrumentation to suit the many variations each customer needs for compatibility with their vehicle application, without the need to return to Andy each time for a new version of the software. We can now easily configure the software to adapt our instruments within our manufacturing process, it takes literally minutes whereas in the past it would have been weeks. Thanks to Andy I can respond to a customer's needs faster that my competitors which means we now have more customers in more market sectors. Andy has continued to support the software with upgrades over the last 5 years with a very quick response and at an economic cost." - Rodney Birks (Senior Partner)


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